Mead Schaeffer (1898-1980)
Equally adept at portraying adventure or romance, Mead Schaeffer is best remembered for illustrating a series of sixteen classic texts for publisher Dodd Mead during the twenties and thirties. Trained by both Dean Cornwell and Harvey Dunn, Schaeffer combined Cornwellís fluid compositions with Dunnís bravura brushstrokes. This distinctive style, combined with a precise eye for detail and a deft handling of light and dark, served him well as one of the foremost illustrators of magazine fiction in the 1930ís. In the 1940ís, inspired by friend and neighbor Norman Rockwell, he executed several memorable covers for The Saturday Evening Post.


Prisoner Enters the Dungeon 1928

Oil on canvas, 32 inches x 26 inches

The Count of Monte Christo, Alexandre Dumas, NY: Dodd Mead & Co, 1928, between p. 38 & 39.
Caption: The prisoner followed his guide who led him into a subterranean room whose bare and reeking walls seemed as though impregnated with tears
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