Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966)
Throughout his long lifetime, Maxfield Parrish created and painted a world of his own. As a child he made careful drawings of figures, cutting around their outlines and mounting the silhouetted shapes. This flat almost two-dimensional treatment was later carried over into his mural decorations, book and magazine covers, and advertisements. He used rich, sumptuous colors, and was famous for his especially luminous "Maxfield Parrish blue." By the 1920ís, literally millions of households had Parrish prints on the wall, most notably the iconic Daybreak. In the 1930ís Parrish shifted entirely to landscapes which were published as calendar illustrations for Edison Mazda and Brown & Bigelow.


Solitude 1911

Oil on board, 32 inches x 40 inches







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