Arthur Burnett Frost
A. B. Frost already had practical experience as an engraver and lithographer by the late 1870ís when he entered the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for formal training with Thomas Eakins. As a member of the famed Harper brothers art staff (alongside Edwin Austin Abbey and Howard Pyle), Frost showed his versatility in both gouache and pen-and-ink. He quickly became known for his accurate portrayal of rural America, showing the humorous side of his subjects with a gentle empathy. Frost may be best remembered for his illustrations of the Uncle Remus tales by Joel Chandler Harris, as well as the many representative sportmansí paintings he did.



The Circus 1915
Watercolor on paper, 19 inches x 24 inches
"Blood Will Tell," Don Marquis, American Magazine, November 1915, p. 8.
Caption: All that didn't have any money hung around and explained to each other that they were going at night, because a circus was more fun at night anyhow.





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